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 Player: ww
 Points: 5,404,625
 Player: seba
 Points: 4,362,321
 Player: ℍᴀʀᴅсᴏʀᴇ
 Points: 4,302,210

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
76Lenin2309115,562pe17.17 Hours1.36 Hours ago
77[MAK]ツ Boat ஐ114,359ar1.48 Days1.81 Weeks ago
78skimpy✘111,583ar13.52 Hours3.85 Weeks ago
79ꀸꀎꋪꍏ꓄ꍟꌗ꓄ꂦꈤ110,959br1.27 Days18.09 Hours ago
80fera109,579br2.26 Days1.17 Months ago
81Bad Cop107,659br2.00 Days2.10 Months ago
82107,290br10.18 Hours9.80 Minutes ago
83Mr.Death106,846br2.06 Days2.41 Hours ago
84Magnum106,453ar2.16 Days2.18 Months ago
85krimzow106,124br14.47 Hours1.17 Months ago
86JunimClaudio105,557br12.82 Hours1.74 Days ago
87Mano105,100br1.28 Days8.75 Months ago
88Kashmir104,845br16.95 Hours1.86 Days ago
89LegendZer0102,615us1.78 Days2.14 Months ago
90Gatonildo100,223br1.91 Days1.72 Weeks ago
91wazaaaaaa!!100,023ar1.64 Days2.10 Months ago
92❀ Princess ❀98,380gt1.37 Days1.08 Weeks ago
93GigiiGomes97,213br2.07 Days1.98 Weeks ago
94Diego36Ap89,732br16.83 Hours3.94 Days ago
95Leon89,455br1.47 Days1.03 Months ago
96Ray Foster88,743br1.35 Days1.28 Months ago
97Nihivo86,382br19.02 Hours2.11 Weeks ago
98ANDREIA79,739br1.81 Days5.28 Months ago
99KSS77,366br7.50 Hours3.88 Days ago
100MtPlayerZ77,193br1.09 Days3.25 Months ago

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