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 Player: ww
 Points: 5,404,625
 Player: seba
 Points: 4,362,321
 Player: ℍᴀʀᴅсᴏʀᴇ
 Points: 4,302,210

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
51patitadepuerco182,952us3.40 Days1.68 Weeks ago
52Banger178,167br2.58 Days2.14 Months ago
53m҉e҉t҉a҉l҉v҉3҉l҉0҉174,550pe3.15 Days3.41 Months ago
54FeeH166,655br2.29 Days16.18 Hours ago
55ro2308s160,711ar16.77 Hours1.40 Weeks ago
56Lila159,111ru5.77 Days1.50 Months ago
57ᴀ̷ʟ̷ᴀ̷ɴ̷155,638br1.88 Days6.09 Hours ago
58BOON: Ti_x_Ti154,268us2.71 Days1.07 Days ago
59CASANOVA FRANKESTEIN153,787ar2.30 Days4.95 Days ago
60็lobelo.146,344ar17.38 Hours1.87 Days ago
61DrivingToast73145,938cl5.89 Days2.76 Days ago
62ᵀғ Danger145,411br23.18 Hours1.42 Weeks ago
63AlexandreTop64140,601br1.28 Days2.32 Months ago
64Raum138,700ar19.43 Hours2.24 Weeks ago
65✭Dαʋιԃ ϟ138,434ar1.49 Days1.56 Weeks ago
66Enlil136,962br3.82 Days20.99 Hours ago
67La..Lima131,031br2.55 Days3.54 Weeks ago
68TAPSKILL130,719br21.77 Hours2.13 Weeks ago
69arielteixeiraedson130,595br1.38 Days3.87 Days ago
70Seshÿ125,095br1.20 Days7.21 Months ago
71luistomasto.mendoza124,303pe2.44 Days19.33 Hours ago
72Murdog_BR122,511br21.08 Hours4.66 Days ago
73Andy120,171us17.75 Hours5.05 Days ago
74ŁÅNÐØN119,361br13.00 Hours4.72 Days ago
75Reznik117,459cl1.05 Days3.24 Months ago

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