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 Player: ww
 Points: 5,404,625
 Player: seba
 Points: 4,362,321
 Player: ℍᴀʀᴅсᴏʀᴇ
 Points: 4,302,210

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
26Natsuke527,251br4.11 Days3.42 Months ago
27Kenko508,760ar4.02 Days6.96 Months ago
28H.G506,027br2.94 Days1.77 Days ago
29사랑497,315ph1.13 Weeks3.53 Hours ago
30Duke469,082br1.06 Weeks2.61 Days ago
31ItsMeTriss!465,655ar5.69 Days1.02 Weeks ago
32Darth Oniwan Bane409,967py2.21 Days4.77 Days ago
33JaydenH363,391ar4.43 Days2.68 Months ago
34Hannah ❀361,459ar2.46 Days4.54 Days ago
35EL beibe343,227cl5.40 Days20.58 Hours ago
36Frieren passa-te a bufas286,562br4.61 Days3.79 Days ago
37Nooperz279,976br1.57 Days15.47 Hours ago
38ALI272,294pe4.04 Days1.67 Months ago
39Rush243,800br2.08 Days1.27 Months ago
40ZÉCA227,449br4.15 Days3.53 Hours ago
41Roastcarpenter219,929mx1.33 Days4.20 Months ago
42JotaCê218,600br3.42 Days16.89 Hours ago
43One in a Million213,815ar2.04 Days1.67 Weeks ago
44Abbyl200,970br3.55 Days2.36 Months ago
45r_lima200,701br1.30 Days3.48 Hours ago
46Luke195,770br2.40 Days1.00 Months ago
47Dani3L189,689ar1.88 Days6.81 Days ago
48ivanjuniorDL187,856pe3.97 Days4.83 Days ago
49Pepushi187,805ar2.21 Days3.06 Months ago
50D£x ..187,446br3.47 Days1.57 Days ago

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