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 Player: ww
 Points: 5,404,625
 Player: seba
 Points: 4,362,321
 Player: ℍᴀʀᴅсᴏʀᴇ
 Points: 4,302,210

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
1ww5,404,625bd1.09 Months1.50 Days ago
2seba4,362,321py2.67 Weeks21.46 Hours ago
3ℍᴀʀᴅсᴏʀᴇ4,302,210br1.00 Months11.23 Minutes ago
4gabss_3,456,071br3.16 Weeks11.23 Minutes ago
5Calavera™3,123,773ar1.99 Weeks5.02 Days ago
6Grimm2,557,288br2.51 Weeks3.06 Hours ago
7Tay2,495,166br2.89 Weeks1.90 Days ago
8eXe71A2,125,334ar1.65 Weeks2.97 Hours ago
9ɢʟᴏᴄᴋɴɪɴᴇ2,005,314br1.70 Weeks1.82 Hours ago
10cupcake de bacon1,333,417br1.06 Weeks3.33 Days ago
11jhonnydebru1,146,969br1.09 Weeks11.23 Minutes ago
12GowasC17914,036pe1.75 Weeks16.77 Hours ago
13.Malibu894,113br1.43 Weeks7.51 Hours ago
14Yondaime ® 四 代 目 火 影862,294br1.90 Weeks1.01 Months ago
15Shei Raku814,462br6.24 Days1.24 Days ago
16Major777,298br1.43 Weeks42.67 Minutes ago
17((Zero*Frio))737,661ar1.19 Weeks8.27 Hours ago
18samuelbh3000697,371br4.02 Days1.04 Weeks ago
19LanixNG668,163ar4.31 Days2.12 Months ago
20Kobillo654,719br5.47 Days4.99 Days ago
21ᵖᵒᵗᵗᵃʰ639,443br1.37 Weeks4.59 Months ago
22Shadow Sub Zero626,482br5.43 Days1.73 Days ago
23༒Lenda༒❣607,416br4.86 Days1.79 Days ago
24ALANA562,324br3.65 Days1.89 Days ago
25spanta559,884br1.31 Weeks15.53 Hours ago

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