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 Player: ww
 Points: 5,404,625
 Player: seba
 Points: 4,362,321
 Player: ℍᴀʀᴅсᴏʀᴇ
 Points: 4,302,210

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
35,501fogel108-1,430ar16.00 Minutes8.68 Months ago
35,502stimpy22-1,434bo46.00 Minutes7.57 Months ago
35,503fakin arka-1,436ar1.90 Hours3.94 Weeks ago
35,504Gatilho mais rápido do Oeste-1,438br1.45 Hours16.87 Hours ago
35,505Doido2019-1,443br55.00 Minutes2.89 Months ago
35,506nachoo210-1,449ar2.30 Hours3.82 Months ago
35,507SantosK02-1,452ar2.13 Hours3.45 Months ago
35,508❤️ Jey ඞ-1,455pe1.50 Hours4.65 Months ago
35,509johami2011-1,455co1.57 Hours9.01 Months ago
35,510jsalcedoalva-1,461pe3.00 Minutes8.98 Months ago
35,511Anzoll-1,467br1.45 Hours8.81 Months ago
35,512kaickassk-1,468br1.05 Hours7.10 Months ago
35,513jvLinux1-1,475ar4.03 Hours2.89 Months ago
35,514ricky_diaz-1,476us1.13 Hours2.17 Months ago
35,515CAUTERUCCIO-1,477pe2.82 Hours3.80 Months ago
35,516Kakarosostz2029-1,480br37.00 Minutes9.24 Months ago
35,517Alexxd-1,481ar37.00 Minutes5.14 Months ago
35,518claveriebastian47-1,481cl22.00 Minutes4.61 Months ago
35,519andrezinhoojr-1,487br21.00 Minutes4.53 Months ago
35,520OAjudanteツ-1,488br3.00 Minutes2.67 Months ago
35,521AngeLuZ_14-1,492pe14.00 Minutes3.81 Months ago
35,522RyZera O PISTOLEIRO-1,495br48.00 Minutes1.80 Weeks ago
35,523Brunito-1,498ar1.38 Hours4.07 Months ago
35,524Syntax-1,502ar58.00 Minutes6.53 Months ago
35,525Dam-1,503br2.27 Hours3.75 Months ago